About Your RA

Welcome to 3 East McGregor Hall! My name is Kyle Winker and I’m very excited to start my second year as a Resident Assistant in this hall with you guys. Here is a little about me:

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering.
  • Minor: Spanish.
  • Hometown: Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.
  • I spent the summer living and working in the Milwaukee area as an Engineering Intern. Over the summer, here are some of the things I did:
    • Watched the Brewers twice.
    • Went to concerts at Summer Fest and Alpine Valley.
    • Went for walks in area parks.
    • Went camping, whitewater rafting, and paddle boarding in Northern Wisconsin.
  • I’ll watch almost any sport. Here are a few of my favorite teams:
    • Green Bay Packers
    • Milwaukee Bucks
    • Wisconsin Badgers
    • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Chicago Blackhawks
  • I love trying new things, but here are a few of my current favorite things:
    • Being outdoors
    • Playing sports- Basketball, Volleyball, and any form of catch are my favorite.
    • Fishing
    • Playing video games- I have an Xbox One
    • Listening to music- I’ll listen to most genres and always looking to find new music to obsess over. I also play the drums and harmonica.
    • Chatting! I love to discuss politics, hear about your day, and learn more about you. My door is always open so stop by and tell me about yourself!



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